Automotive Brake Systems and Service

Failing brakes can cause auto accidents, personal injury, and even loss of life. To understand the upkeep of brakes, it helps to have a basic understanding of how brakes function and what causes them to fail.

Automotive Brake Systems and Service

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One of the most important systems that your automobile has is its braking system. Good brakes can save your life. Brakes that aren’t working properly can cost you the loss of your vehicle, damage to your and the other person’s car, or the loss of your or someone’s life. Bad brakes can also cause personal injury that can be insurmountable.

To understand the upkeep of brakes, it helps to have a basic understanding of how brakes function and what causes them to fail.

Power Brakes are composed of a system of hydraulics that is used to slow down or stop a vehicle. There is a combination of mechanical components that multiply the force a driver puts on the pedal to actuate the brake and slow or stop the tons that an auto weighs. The brake is connected to a vacuum booster and when applied the booster passes the force to the master cylinder. The master cylinder compresses the brake fluid and forces it through the steel brake lines, or high-pressure rubber hoses, to the wheel brakes. The fluid pushed through the brake activates the calipers which cause disc brakes to push against the rotor, slowing the rotation of the wheel. With drum brakes, the fluid activates pistons that push two shoes against the brake drum to cause friction and slows the rotation of the wheel.

Disc Brake Pads and Drum Brake Shoes

Brake pads and drums are composed of the high-temperature resistant material that creates the friction needed to stop your car.

Disc Brakes

A caliper holds the disc brake pads in position so that they may contact the Disc brake rotor when the brake is applied. Hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder causes the caliper piston to press the brake pads against the rotor. The car slows from the friction between pads and rotor.

Drum Brakes

The brake drum is attached to the wheel in drum brakes. The other parts here are a wheel cylinder, brake shoes, and brake return springs. When pressed the brakes cause the master cylinder to make the wheel cylinder to press the brake shoes against the brake drum. Friction is caused by the shoes and drum to slow the car.

Anti-lock Brakes

ABS or anti-lock brakes are a computer-controlled safety system which is relatively recently developed. The ABS prevents wheel lock-up. Wheel speed sensors monitor wheel speed rotation, then computer controlled hydraulics pulse the brakes on and off rapidly. The onboard computer controls all this activity.


Cables are used to mechanically apply the rear brakes. This brake is normally used to prevent the car from rolling when parked and is sometimes called the parking brake.

Automotive Brake Systems Service

Anytime you have a question about your brakes, you should bring it into MD Auto & Tire for a complete brake checkup. As a family-owned automotive shop, we will remove your wheels and inspect the brakes for you free of charge when performing other services. If brakes are needed, we will replace them for a reasonable fee.  Brake fluid will be checked and if the lines need bleeding, we will do that automatically. The vehicle will be road tested and returned to you only after it is again safe on the road. Any time you have any question about your brakes, you should bring your car in for an inspection.

MD Auto & Tire is a full-service preventive maintenance and automotive repair center. With two locations in Vero Beach, FL, we provide high quality, guaranteed automotive service you can trust at a fair price. Family-owned and operated, we use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is serviced correctly while maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty. We repair domestic and foreign vehicles and are your best choice for scheduled maintenance of your car, SUV, truck and fleet vehicles.

We only use quality replacement parts, and our technicians are ASE-certified. We specialize in putting the needs of our customers first! Call us at (772) 562-1001 in South Vero Beach or (772) 410-5562 in North Vero to schedule an appointment at either of our service centers or just stop on by at either location at the address listed on the bottom of this site.

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